Welcome to Katak Services


We are a family owned and operated business. We offer commercial and residential cleaning and carpet / steam cleaning services in Alberta. 


 Gift Certificates 

Gift certificates are available for house cleaning. Great for Mother's Day, Christmas, or just whenever you want to let someone know that they are special to you! Give them a break and let us do the work for them!

 About Us 

Just over 15 years ago John Kingma married Lasmian while he was living in Indonesia. After moving to Canada they worked a few different jobs before they started Katak services. Serving people to the best of their ability is the foundation of everything that they do in business.
In 2020, John and Las acquired "Its Clean" carpet cleaning from Ivan and Cholen Maygard. The addition of the truck mounted steam cleaning unit has allowed the addition of steam cleaning services that include carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as flood restorations.

BTW - the name, "Katak services," comes from a friend who was teasing them that when a man from Kanada (the Indonesian way of spelling Canada) married a Batak lady (Lasmian's tribe) the result would be a Katak (Indonesian for frog) - hence the logo!